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Your Wedding, Your Way
We are passionate about empowering individuals to find their ideal life partner and achieve their goals through our high-quality matchmaking services
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Your Wedding, Your Way
Our mission is to make quality matchmaking which is available to anyone who strives to find their ideal life partner. Our team is working very hard for the prosperity and happiness of people.
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Your Wedding, Your Way
We are promoting happiness and prosperity through our work
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personalized matchmaking, online matchmaking, and coaching

Working together for your better life

we provide support and guidance to individuals finding their ideal partner

Relationship counseling

cognitive-behavioral therapy or emotion-focused therapy

connecting dots

we help couples improve communication, build trust, and navigate challenges more effectively

Success Story

feature testimonials, photos, and stories from real-life couples

showcase reality

we showcase the effectiveness of the our matchmaking service in the canvas of real life

special event

connect, communicate, and grow together as a couple

What's included

opportunity to create lasting memories and enhance personal and social bond for newlyweds


Stay Blessed

Our excitement

We are thrilled to share the success story of a Lahore-based Muslim newlywed couple who found their soulmate through our service. After registering on our website, they connected over shared interests and values. With the help of our matchmaking experts, they were able to build a strong connection and decided to marry..

"thank u doa"

Today, we are happily married and building a life together filled with love, laughter, and companionship. We credit DOA service for bringing us together and helping us find the happiness we always dreamed of.  

We are honored to have played a part in their happy story and wish them all the best for a lifetime of joy and fulfillment.


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