Psychological Counselling


In our society, it is very sad that mental health difficulties are rarely addressed by a professional practitioner. Our consultant investigates the effect of the slum environment on mental health. DOA uses the information from in-depth interviews and arranges group discussions to better understand the psychological problems of the deprived. In many other locations, community-based mental healthcare has been implemented in various initiatives. Our experts have established different approaches to dealing with mental illnesses. Our poor youth face a difficult challenge on a daily basis. DOA is providing a great service where they are hoping to find a cure.

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24+ Schools

We are currently running 24 schools and are continuing to grow!
  • We currently teach students from Pre-School to Matric.
  • We teach Punjab Textbook Board Curriculum to meet the community’s needs.
  • Our teachers are provided regular on- and off-the-job training.
  • All Door of Awareness schools have grown organically - One class every year!
  • All schools are located near targeted urban slum communities.
  • All schools are equipped with computer labs and libraries.

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