Ration Distribution


Our empathetic staff understands the importance of alleviating hunger in the slums and providing help. We have been working far beyond the limit to ensure everyone is fully fed. DOA has formed its own crew and is on a mission to eliminate starvation by distributing ration kits and feeding those in need.

With the help of our donors, we reach those in need. Through this project, thousands of families have been assisted with rations and daily utility needs. Our charity program provides food and ensures that the less privileged are not finishing their day on an empty stomach.

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24+ Schools

We are currently running 24 schools and are continuing to grow!
  • We currently teach students from Pre-School to Matric.
  • We teach Punjab Textbook Board Curriculum to meet the community’s needs.
  • Our teachers are provided regular on- and off-the-job training.
  • All Door of Awareness schools have grown organically - One class every year!
  • All schools are located near targeted urban slum communities.
  • All schools are equipped with computer labs and libraries.

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