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DOA has been working towards giving a better life to the less privileged since 2007. To meet the demands of clothing and household items, we have set up some charity shops where donated items are sold at a nominal cost, so the less well-off can get access to affordable clothing by spending a small amount of money. Our thrift shops sort the items given by our donors and sell them at an affordable price to generate revenue, which is again used to give back to our slum families.

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24+ Schools

We are currently running 24 schools and are continuing to grow!
  • We currently teach students from Pre-School to Matric.
  • We teach Punjab Textbook Board Curriculum to meet the community’s needs.
  • Our teachers are provided regular on- and off-the-job training.
  • All Door of Awareness schools have grown organically - One class every year!
  • All schools are located near targeted urban slum communities.
  • All schools are equipped with computer labs and libraries.

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