Vocational Trainings & Workshops

In 2007, the Door of Awareness was established to address the growing problems of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. Our simple and effective approach is to change behaviors and mindsets. Our training schools provide our kids with opportunities to participate in key skills such as cutting, needlework, and designing.

Through our skill program, we focus on enabling our less fortunate generation to participate in nation-building. We provide a forum for our poor to practice all their skills at the grassroots level. The Door of Awareness is now one of Pakistan’s largest and most trusted giving platforms, even in 2022.

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We are currently running 6 Centers of vocational and are continuing to grow!
  • We currently teach students from stitching, beautician courses.
  • We teach different courses books to meet the community’s needs.
  • Our teachers are provided regular on- and off-the-job training.
  • All Door of Awareness schools have grown organically - 2 classes every year (course for 6 months)
  • All schools are located near targeted urban slum communities.
  • All vocational centers are equipped with tools and machines.

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